Xandrina Allday

I’ve always thought of myself to have a good relationship with food, I ate ‘balanced’ meals and because of my fast metabolism and healthy attitude to exercise, I allowed myself to eat as much as I wanted. However things changed for me in my second year of university, I stopped exercising and my daily lunch consisted of two supermarket sandwiches and 3/4 chocolate bars, that’s before I’d get home and go to the local shop for a feast, and then going out and drinking my body weight in alcohol.

I knew I wasn’t happy at this point and I really started to pile on the pounds, I went from a size 10 to a size 14. I had zero energy and always wore baggy clothes to hide my weight gain, but I couldn’t say no to food. Then one day I took a photo of myself and I knew I had to make changes to my lifestyle. I started to take control back of my body and my life.
As soon as I moved back home I made the decision that I needed somebody else to help me. I knew I didn’t have enough knowledge to get me to the place I wanted to be.

I didn’t know what to expect when I first contacted Luke, and I even thought maybe I should get a female coach/PT instead, because surely they would understand me better. I needn’t of worried, as soon as I met Luke for the first time I felt motivated and proactive with my own journey. I suddenly felt like the body I’d always wanted was actually within reach rather than me aiming for the unachievable. Luke shared his years of knowledge and experience with me and unlocked a new wave of thinking for me towards diet/exercise/lifestyle.

To begin with I felt overwhelmed with information I was given, but whenever I had a question Luke was there to answer it. I felt like I constantly had support and he was guiding me through this transition into learning what works well for me whether that be tracking my macros, or adjusting my training plan to suit my needs. The PT sessions where I trained with Luke pushed me to my limits but made me realise I’m much stronger than I believed was possible, he continued to challenge me and believe in me when I didn’t.

If you want to overhaul your lifestyle, get fitter & healthier and need help along the way, I wouldn’t think twice about contacting Luke. I think my transformation pictures speak for themselves and can vouch for how this guy can well and truly help you change your life, body and mindset.

Ant Donovan

After many years of going it alone with decided I needed some help with achieving my goals. I’d spent y fitness journey I an awful lot of time reading magazines, forums and websites gathering information but I was becoming overwhelmed and was entering a familiar cycle of desperate dieting and losing focus in the gym.

After meeting Luke for the first time I had an incredible new found enthusiasm not only for workouts and diet but also for my general well being. Luke allowed me to see a great potential within myself and gave me a sense that I could achieve much more than I had thought before.
My body changed drastically during my coaching and I was shocked at how it could be achieved whilst also eating in a moderated and sensible way. I never felt deprived as I was allowed to eat foods I liked and quantities were nowhere near as low as I had come to believe previously.

I felt incredibly uplifted during my coaching with Luke. It is amazing to have someone working with you on your journey, especially someone who helps not only with your fitness goals but your overall sense of purpose and wellbeing. I achieved a great deal and have taken away a much greater understanding of how my body works and will continue using my new found knowledge to achieve even more. Luke is there for every step of the way. He is supportive, honest, endlessly knowledgable and becomes such a great port of call whenever you need assistance.

I can’t recommend Luke enough and will be using him again in the future to gain an even healthier body and mind. Luke became a great friend along my journey due to his outlook and support and I know he does the same for other clients.

Best coach ever!

Suzanne Gray

Before I met Luke I was very down about myself and kept everything to myself. I would hide from mirrors every time I would see one because I hated seeing myself and how I looked. I tried everything out there. I was very active but still wasn’t seeing any results. Which discouraged me greatly. One night It just hit me and I said “enough is enough, I need to change this.“ so I decided to contact Luke, and I’ve never looked back. He has motivated me in life mentally and physically and I am so grateful. He’s so knowledgeable about every thing he does. Im so happy and proud to call him my trainer. He inspires me daily and pushes me to the limits. I’m in such a happier place in my life now.

Dex Saunders

We live in a day and age where being unhealthy and out of shape is not only a more common occurrence but it is also more widely accepted. As self indulgence grows, the conception of our own ability to change becomes more blurred than ever. We all have reasons to change, finding them is easy, implementing them into our everyday lives is not. Fortunately, I never had to.
Luke made workouts approachable and personally engaging to such a degree that I don’t believe they would have worked for anyone but myself. That’s simply something that money cannot buy. I wasn’t turning up to sessions to lose weight, I wasn’t turning up to sessions to gain muscle and I wasn’t even turning up to sessions because I wanted to be healthier. I went because it was fun. Those other three things just seemed to happen along the way. It was only then that I began to realise how intelligently crafted Luke’s system really was. He saw who I really was, removed the elements of fitness that I couldn’t appreciate, applied the aspects that sparked my interest and then steered me down the path of aspiration. Fitness is personal, what works for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for somebody else. I don’t call it, “going to the gym” anymore. I call it “Ninja training” because that’s what it feels like, that’s what I enjoy doing and that’s what Luke has made it for me. Don’t make it boring. Enjoyment is the key to progress and I always enjoy ninja training with Luke.